Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Little Birdie Told Me

Hi Friends,
Have you seen these cute bird clips by DCI.  They come in a set of 16.  I wanted them as soon as I saw them and knew that I would find some use for them.  They are about the same length as a clothespin and have a strong grip.  You can get them at Amazon.

So, here's how I decided to use one of them.  I tied a bird clip to the end of a piece of yarn that I hung in my classroom doorway. The string is attached to a magnet that I can move to any position I need.  If I have an important message/note that I don't want to forget, I clip it to the bird so it hits me in the head reminds me not to forget the important message.  Has your school secretary ever called your classroom with an important message for a student, but the student wasn't in your room at the moment, and you thought you would remember to tell the student BUT you forgot??  Well, this little birdie has saved me on many occasions. 

Here's more info on the bird clips.

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