Monday, September 16, 2013

Book Share

Hi Friends,
I am LOVING the cool weather her in the Midwest.  I don't know about you, but I am a better teacher when the weather is cool.

Today I'd like to share something new I am doing in my classroom this year.  I'm calling it Book Share.  Book Share is a time for Guest Readers to come and share their favorite picture book with my class.  They can share other reading materials as well.  Guest Readers are encouraged to tell the class how important reading is in their lives and give examples of how they use reading at work and in their personal lives.  I really want my second graders to hear from someone other than me how important reading is and will be in their lives. 

Anyone can be a Guest Reader.  I started my Book Share this year by inviting everyone on staff at my school.  I sent out personal invitations asking anyone interested in being a Guest Reader to sign up.  Later, I plan to invite parents, school administrators, community members and students.  Book Share is done on Friday mornings between 8:30-9:00. 

My second graders were so excited when our first Guest Reader showed up this past Friday.  Our fifth grade teacher, Miss Uzzell, shared her favorite picture book called
My Little Sister Ate a Hare by Bill Grossman.  After reading her favorite book, Miss Uzzell shared her Kindle and explained what kinds of reading materials she has on it.  Many of my students had never seen a Kindle before, so this was a great learning opportunity for them.  Miss Uzzell did an awesome job!!  When she was done, I took a picture of her holding her favorite book for our Book Share Wall.   Here are a few pictures of our first Guest Reader & our Book Share Wall.

Here's Miss Uzzell sharing her Kindle.

This is the Book Share Wall.  I plan to add pictures of all of our Guest Readers.  I thought I took a
picture of the whole bulletin board, but I didn't.  Here's one corner of it:)

I got this t-shirt for joining my local Blackhawk Reading Council.

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