Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sing & Sign Your ABC's

Hi Friends,

When I was in fourth grade, I learned to sign the alphabet so that I could send secret messages to my friends across the classroom.   That was over 40 years ago and to this day, I can still sign the whole alphabet.  I've always been intrigued with sign language and wanted to learn more than the alphabet. So, I bought a few simple sign language books and watched a variety of YouTube videos.

I've shared my interest in sign language with my kids at school over the years.  The kids LOVE learning sign language.  I usually start with the alphabet and some simple words and build on from there.  I've found a couple of great resources this summer and ordered them to use in the fall with my first graders.

Before I share the resources I bought, I'd like to share a YouTube video I came across on the Nellie Edge website.

The first resource I found was the Nellie Edge ABC Phonics Sing, Sign, and Read!  This book has full color pages with each of the alphabet letters along with the sign for each letter and a picture of a word that begins with that particular sound.   This book goes along with the video.

Along with this book, I bought the A to Z Wall Posters to post in my classroom.

I'm looking forward to teaching my students how to sign the alphabet with the video and these amazing resources.     
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