Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thursday Folders

Hi Friends!
Today I'd like to share what my school district uses to send home notes and student work.
We use what are called "Thursday Folders."  Every Thursday this folder is sent home with
important notes and student work.  Instead of sending notes and work daily, we all send the
folders home on Thursday.  Parents are encouraged to check their student's backpack every night, but
especially on Thursday.  This is a two pocket folder.  I write "notes" on the left inside pocket and
"work" on the right side.  I file students' work in their cubbies all week and then on Thursday, I
fill their folders.  Students take them home, parent empty them and sign their name on the
back of the folder.  The date for each Thursday of the year, along with a line for a parent signature,
is listed on the back of the folder.  This system has worked really well for me over the years.
I do, ocassionally, have to send an important note on another day.  That's why I encourage parents
to check their child's backpack every night.  Check out the pictures below.
 I'd love to know how you send notes and student work home.

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