Thursday, August 23, 2012

Writing Folders with Photos

Hi Friends!
Today I'd like to share how I made my writing folders this year using
photos of my students.  First, I sent a note home to each parent requesting pictures
of their child that would be great photos to write about.  I asked them to include
a variety of pictures including holiday, seasonal, special occasions or events, and family & friends.
Next, I took the pictures and copied them on the copier in black & white.  I reduced the
size of some photos so I could fit as many as possible.  Last, I glued them on the front
of a folder & laminated it.  I would love to share all of the folders with you because they
turned out AWESOME, but I would have to white out all of their faces because I am not
allowed to share their photos on my blog.  So, I made a folder with pictures of my son Austin. 
 He's not a first grader.  He's almost 20 and he would probably be mad if he knew
 I included a picture of him in a Barney costume.  I did not laminated his folder, but I think
you get the idea.  You can see from the photos that Austin would have lots of ideas to write about!

Happy Writing!!
P.S.  I have a wonderful student teacher that helped to cut & glue all the pictures.  Thanks, Kate!

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