Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Library Tub & Reading Buddies Box

Hi Friends,
I used my Cameo for the very first time today to cut some letters out for my new library tub.  I got  the tub at Walmart for under $5.00.  I used Post-It Craft Paper which has a full-adhesive back.  It's like contact paper and comes in a variety of colors.  I believe you can find it at Staples.  Here's how it turned out.

It's very simple, but will do the job of toting and housing our library books from week to week.  (I think I need to add something to the top ring of the tub!)

I also bought a decorated plastic box from Walmart to store the Beanie Babies (Reading Buddies) my students will read to this year.  I was using larger stuffed animals, but I just don't have the space in my classroom.  Here's a picture of it.

Well, now I can check off two more things on my To-Do List:)

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