Saturday, March 23, 2013

Student of the Week

Hi Friends,

Today I'd like to share how my school recognizes our Students of the Week.  First of all, each classroom teacher chooses one student a week based on any criteria they choose.  It can be behavior, academics, character traits, etc.  The teacher fills out a form that states the child's name and the reason he/she was chosen.  The form is turned in to the principal who reads the child's name and reason for being chosen on the intercom on Monday morning.  The Student of the Week gets to go to the office and choose a small prize (coloring book, pencil, crayons, markers, folder,etc.).  The principal sends a certificate home to the parents of the child, so they know their child was recognized.  We also have a Student of the Week bulletin board in the hallway next to the office where each student's picture is hung when they are chosen.  The principal picks a Staff Member of the Week as well.  We do this every week of the school year.

In my classroom, I give my Student of the Week a certificate and a special sign that hangs on his/her chair for the week. (Target $ Section)  I also have a Student of the Week poster that I fill out with the child's help.  This is done in front of the class.  The Student of the Week gets to wear special "star" glasses as he/she helps to fill out the poster.  When we are done filling out the poster, the kids get to ask the Student of the Week questions.  Most questions start like this, "What's your favorite...?"
The Student of the Week must answer in a complete sentence.  For example, if a student asks, "What's your favorite kind of pizza?"  The Student of the Week must answer,  "My favorite kind of pizza is pepperoni." This is a great opportunity for kids to practice asking questions and answering in complete sentences. 

My kids love being chosen as our Student of the Week.  I believe EVERY student has something special that he/she can be recognized for at school.  Here are a few pictures:)

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Boo Boo Bear

Hi Friends,
I'd like you to meet Boo Boo Bear. 

Boo Boo Bear is always available to anyone in my classroom who needs him.
Some kids choose to hold him when they've gotten hurt.  Others choose to hold him when they are feeling sad or just having a bad day.  It doesn't matter what the reason, Boo Boo Bear is happy to
cuddle with anyone who needs him.  My kids love him and tell me he smells really good.
As you can see, Boo Boo Bear is a Scentsy bear.  My kids named him Boo Boo.
I wonder if he's available for teachers when we have a bad day.  Spring break is only three days
away, so I might need Boo Boo Bear's help to make it through this week! know what I'm talking about!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good Morning Song

Good morning my friends!  It's snowing like crazy here in North Western Illinois.  We are expecting anywhere from 4-7 inches of snow today.  Some areas may get as much as 10 inches!  I was hoping school would be closed today, but the district I work for RARELY closes.  Anyway, I was  halfway to school when a friend called to tell me that school was cancelled, so I turned around and went home.  "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!"  I just LOVE having an unexpected snow day!!!

I want to share a "Good Morning" song I sing with my kids every morning.  I'm not sure where I got it, but would be happy to give credit if anyone knows who wrote it.  My kids love singing this with me as we begin our day.  We have to sing it a couple of times to include everyone.  I just switch out their pictures each time we sing it.  Sorry about the blurry pictures.  I am not allowed to share their pictures on my blog.

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