Monday, July 2, 2012

Best Purchase EVER!

Hi Friends!
Today I'd like to share one of the best things I have ever purchased for my classroom.
It's actually a garment rack that I bought from Walmart several years ago.
I have used it more than any other item in my classroom.
Here are some pictures with descriptions of how I use it.
This is no ordinary garment rack.  It has four sides, a top and bottom shelf & it's on wheels!!

I hang my blue pocket chart on one side & red one on the other.

On this side I hang a small tablet chart with jumprope rhymes for our brain breaks.

This side has a metal arm that comes out where I can hang anchor charts. The other side has one, too.

The top has a shelf where I store lots of my big books and charts.

The bottom shelf is where I store tubs of listening center books/cd's.

There are so many ways to use this garment rack.  I love it because it doesn't take up much space,
I can move it around quickly because it is on wheels & there's lots of storage options.
I went to and typed garment rack in the search box.
It looks like they still have it available.  It's around $50.00.
Here's the link.
Best puchase EVER!!!

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