Monday, July 16, 2012

Smarty the Dog - Class Mascot

Hi Friends!
Do you have a class mascot? 
I have one called Smarty.  He's a dog.  Well, not a real dog or a stuffed dog, but a metal
dog planter that I turned into a class mascot.  He's really cute and best of all he carries
around Smarties all the time.  In fact, I named him Smarty because I
 wanted to use the Smarties candy as a reward for being a smart thinker.
  If you're on Pinterest, then you've probably seen the
little pair of child sized jeans that are filled with Smarties with a sign that says
"Smarty Pants."  It's really cute! I thought about making the jeans, but then I
saw this cute little metal planter and chose to use it instead. 
I decided to write a book about Smarty as a way to introduce him to my class.
In the book, Smarty tell the kids why he is so smart.  He tell them that he listens
to his teacher, he uses good manners, he follows the classroom rules, etc.
The kids LOVE Smarty!!!!
Smarty lives on a shelf in my classroom with a sign that reads, "Smarty Lives Here."
Here's a picture of Smarty & a few pages from my book.

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