Monday, October 8, 2012

Sight Word Wallets

Hi Friends!
Here's an idea I use to get my kids excited about practicing their sight words at home.
I make a "word wallet" for each student that holds sight words they need to learn.
They're easy to make.  All you need are some two pocket folders, stickers, and 3x5 index cards.
You cut the two pocket folders in half.  Keep the bottom half for the wallet.
Add students' names and decorate with a few stickers.
Inside the wallet, write "Practice" on the left pocket and "I know these!" on the right pocket.
Add sight word cards to the wallet & send them home with the kids.
As they learn words, the cards are moved from the "Practice" side of the wallet to the
"I know these!" side.  I use incentives to encourage my students to practice their words at home.
Word wallets can be brought back to school when a student is ready for me to test him/her.
Although we work on sight words throughout the school day, I am accountable for making
sure that each and every student learns all of the 175 first grade sight words.  Using Word
Wallets is just another way to encourage students to practice these words at home.
Practice makes permanent!

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