Friday, June 8, 2012

Mother Goose

Hi Friends!
Don't you just love Mother Goose rhymes?  I do!! I am always picking up Mother Goose books
at bookstores, Goodwill, and yard sales.  I don't care what condition they are in when I find them;
I buy them anyway.  Some of the really old ones are my favorite.  I found one at the Goodwill that
turned out to be worth $250.00!  The pictures in it are awesome.  You can take a peek at it below.
I use rhymes all the time in my classroom.  Several years back I came across a funny version
of some of the most popular Mother Goose rhymes.  It's called The New Adventures of Mother Goose: Gentle Rhymes for Happy Times by Bruce Lansky.  He puts a funny twist on the rhymes that kids can't resist.  My first graders are always asking me to read the "funny" one!
  I think kids of all ages will love the funny rhymes in this book. 

Goodwill find

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