Saturday, June 2, 2012

Word Work & Giveaway!!

Hi Friends!
Do you have a center for word work?
I've seen a variety of ways to practice sight words, spelling words, or other important words.
Here are some of these ideas.
1.  Read, write & stamp the words
2.  Use playdough to make the words
3.  Build the words with magnetic letters
4.  Write the words in a salt tray
5.  Put shaving cream on a surface and write the words on the shaving cream
6.  Cut up the word and put it back together
7.  Make rainbow words by writing the word in one color and then going over it with other colors
8.  Smelly words - use scented markers to write the words
9.  Write the words on a dry-erase board with colored markers, on a chalkboard with
colored chalk, or on a Magna Doodle.
10.  Write the words outside on the playground with chalk
11.  Use craft sticks to build words
12. Use Wikki Stix to build words
13.  Use dot stampers to make words
14.  Cut letters out of a magazine to make words
15.  Use an old computer keyboard and have students type the words 

I could go on and on, but I wanted to share something new I added this year to my Word Work
     Center.  They are called  GIANT Pipe Stems.  (I'm sure you are all familiar with pipecleaners.)     The kids have to bend the stems to make each letter of the word. 
 I've also used them in math to make numbers and shapes. 
 You can use them for letter sounds.  For example, ask you students to
make something that begins with the letter "b." 
 Kids can bend their stem to make a balloon or a butterfly, etc.
There are lots of ways to use these GIANT Pipe Stems in your classroom.
My students really liked using these this year, so I'll keep them in my Word Work Center
for next year.  I'd love to hear what you do for word work in your classroom.
Now for my giveaway...I am going to give away one package of Giant Pipe Stems.
Here's all you need to do to enter:  Follow my blog, leave me a comment telling me
you are following my blog, tell a blogger friend about the giveaway,
 and include your email address in case you win!!
 I will post the winner on June 9th.  Good luck!!

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