Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Books, Books, and More Books!

Don't you just love books?  I sure do.  When I started teaching in 1986, I was given a set of basal readers to teach reading.  That's it!  I had no classroom library.  Over the years, I have purchased hundreds and hundreds of books for my classroom through Scholastic book orders, Goodwill, yard sales, bookstores, and Amazon.com.  Along with books, I also like to collect storybook plush characters.  I like to display them around the classroom.  Here are some pictures of the different ways I display and store books in my class.

This is my nonfiction library.  The kids sorted the books by topic and made labels for the book boxes.

Here's a picture of a nonfiction book box.

I have tubs of books along the longest wall in my classroom.  I used cinder blocks and white shelving.

Wall hanging from IKEA