Monday, April 16, 2012

Teacher, My Tummy Hurts

"Teacher, my tummy hurts."
I'm sure every teacher has heard this uttered from just about every kid in their class at one time or another.  When I do,  I ask the usual questions before sending them to see the nurse: Do you need
 to use the restroom?  Do you need a drink?  Do you feel like you're going to throw up?  Then I feel their forehead to see if they have a temperature.   After my quick evaluation,  I send them to the office to see the nurse who is only here 3 hours in the morning.  Otherwise, the secretary has to take care of  the kids.   If the nurse sends them back to the room because they have no temperature, then I use my final resouce...Dr. Daschund...or as we call her...Dr. D.
Dr. D. is able to give out peppermints to kids with a tummyache.
Of course, you have to write your name and stamp the date
 on Dr. D.'s notebook after taking a peppermint so she knows that you're not coming
to see her just for the peppermints.  
Sometimes a peppermint can make all the difference.
Thanks, Dr. Daschund!

Dr. Daschund in her office in Room 5
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