Monday, April 30, 2012

Writing Center

Hi Friends!
Do you have a writing center in your classroom? 
I do and it's been a class favorite every year.
I would have to say that the girls like it a little more than the boys.
There's lots to do at the writing center, so I made an "I Can..." sign to remind my
kids what they can do.  I also have lots of supplies available like crayons,
markers, pencils, notepads, envelopes, blank books, word banks,
picture dictionaries, a stapler, tape and lots & lots of paper.
 There's also a picture of each student with his/her name posted
as a reference.  My picture is also posted with my name. 
I have a large, heavy duty mailbox for the kids to put their mail into
and a separate mailbox for me.  I love getting mail from my kids. 
I try really hard to reply to each and every letter.
The mail is delivered at the end of the day by the mail carrier who
wears a homemade mail bag and postal hat that my mother
made for my class many years ago.  The mail carrier takes his/her job very seriously.
If a students writes a book, I try to find time during the day to have him/her share it.
This encourages other kids to write stories.  I could go on and on about the wonderful
writing opportunities at the writing center, but I'm sure many of you already know.
Here are some pictures from my writing center.
Two kids can sit on each side of this table.

I Can...

 Kids love to use envelopes!

I have a cute Winnie the Pooh stamp for the envelopes.

Blank books with a "Written & Illustrated by" stamp.

Lots of scratch paper for notes.

 Small notepads from the Dollar Store.

 Word Banks

I love this heavy duty mailbox.

Mail for Mrs. Anderson:)

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