Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Can Use That in My Classroom!

Hi Friends!  Do you ever see something and say, "I can use that in my classroom for ***."  I do it all the time.  It doesn't matter where I am, I always find things to use in my classroom.  I think there should be a medical term for this type of behavior.  Maybe "Classroomuseitus" would be be a good term.  Well, whatever it is, I have it BAD!  I find uses for things that are actually meant to be used for something else.  For example, I found one of those new Cottonelle decorative toilet paper roll holders in the package with my toilet paper the other day.  Right away my Classroomuseitus kicked in and I started thinking of ways I could use it in my classroom.  It's a very sturdy plastic container and the lid stays on tightly.  Maybe I could store a center game or activity in it.  Here are some other storage items I picked up when my Classroomuseitus was flaring up! 

Here's the Cottonelle toilet paper holder.

I use this SpongeBob metal lunchbox to store my huge
 collection of little erasers that I use for counters.

I saw a large coffee can at my mom's and covered it with
scrapbooking paper and use it to hold my pointers.

I saw this utensil holder at Target and knew right away how I could use it.

I saw this in a Pampered Chef catalog and knew I needed it right away!  It revolves!

Okay, I admit that I didn't need these, but they are so darn cute!

Lock & Locks are great for storing Playdough because they are airtight and easy to open & close.

We all need tubs for crayons, right?

Altoid tins are perfect for storing crayons.  I have the 8 basic colors
that my kids need for math stored in here.  No time is wasted looking for the
right color.

I found this old wooden tray at the Goodwill and knew it would
be perfect for holding extra supplies.

This is from IKEA.  Perfect for holding the puppies my kids
read to during self-selected reading.

I can never pass up a cute basket big enough to hold holiday or seasonal
books.  This one holds Valentine books.

Recently I purchased this little plastic Easter basket
from Walgreens.  I didn't really need it, but it was 50% off.

Finally, I saw this cute wooden box at Gordmans and knew right away
that I could find some use for it in my classroom.  I was so sure that
I bought 4 of them!
Still thinking on this one.

Do you suffer from Classroomuseitus?  Maybe we could start a therapy goup!
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