Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Summer Fun!

Hi Friends!
Now that my summer vacation has begun, I will be doing lots of camping and fishing.
My husband and I camp and fish along the Mississippi River.  My husband has fished
the Mississippi River since he was a young boy.  I started fishing with him about 5
years ago and I found it to be very relaxing.  We fish for Walleye mostly.
We camp at a small campground with a beautiful view of the Mississippi. 
We have a very nice 5th wheel camper which means we're not roughing it at all.
It has all the ammenities of a small apartment.
It's going to be a very hot (in the 90's) Memorial Day weekend. 
Here's a few pictures...enjoy your weekend!!!
My husband & me at the campground.

This is our camper and one of our dogs.  I landscaped around our campsite to make it more homey.

The Barzeebo...and the Mississippi River in the background.

That's me with a catfish I just caught!

This is my husband deep frying fish.

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