Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not School Related

Hi Friends!
I am off to Des Moines, Iowa, for an all natural bodybuilding competition. 
No, I am NOTcompeting because everyone would probably throw tomatoes at me:)
My daughter competed last year in the Figure Division and met her now, fiance, at the show.
He was competing as well.  He won his division and was Mr. Iowa!  He also got his pro card.
Here it is a year later and my future son-in-law is competing again in the pro division.
My husband & I are going there to support him today.  It's a 3 hour drive and so I'm off!
Here's a photo of my daughter, Ariel, & her fiance, Tim, at last year's competition.
They look really dark because of the spray tan they have to get to accentuate their muscles.
Good luck, Tim!!!
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