Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Writing: Author Sharing

Hi Friends!
Do you do Author Sharing as part of your Writer's Workshop?  I've been doing it for years
and believe it is an important part of my writing block.  My writing block always begins
with a short (or sometimes long) mini lesson.  Then I send the kids off to write.  While
they are writing, I conference with 2 or 3 kids and give each one support as needed.
The kids I conference with are the ones that get to share what they have written for the day.
Everyone moves to the carpet area and I call each child up to read aloud his work.  I use
a microphone and speaker so that everyone can hear them.  The author reads his piece
aloud and then shares his picture(s).  Next, the author asks the class if there are any
comments, questions, or connections.  The author calls on a couple of students and answers their
questions.  Then I take a moment to point out some of the good things I see that student
doing in his writing piece.  Finally, we all clap for the author.  You can imagine
how proud each and every student is when they have the opportunity to share their work and be
recognized by their peers and teacher.  I've been doing Author Sharing for over 20 years
now,  and I can honestly say that it's my favorite part of my teaching day.

Here's an author sharing her writing!

I use a karaoke machine for my microphone and speaker.

I have Author Sharing cards with names on them so the kids & I know who's sharing
from day to day.  All I have to do is turn the card.  The kids always cheer when it's
their day to share.