Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sound Muncher

Hi Friends!
I made this Sound Muncher when I taught kindergarten.  I saw lots of different kinds
on the internet and just had to make one.  If you've haven't seen one before, just
google it and you'll find lots of them. 
The Sound Muncher will only eat things that begin with a particular sound. 
If you are learning about the letter "t" then he will only eat things that begin with the letter "t".
(You could also do a middle or end sound.)
You can feed him picture cards, small items, or anything else
 that will fit in the his mouth.    
The kids really love the Sound Muncher!
I made him from a small plastic garbage can with a lid
that swings back and forth.  I spray painted it green, made a face, and
then added lots of sticky letters.  It was really easy to make.

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