Friday, May 18, 2012

Smart Board Steps

Hi Friends!
Do you have a Smart Board in your classroom?  This is my second year with one in my room.
When it was installed, it was placed over a chalkboard at the front of my room.
It looked like it would be just the right height for my first graders to use until I actually
started having them use it.  Most of them could reach the middle of the board, but that was it.
So, I used a step stool for them to stand on, but it only allowed them to reach certain parts of the board without stopping and moving the step stool over to reach another part.  I decided I needed something much bigger for my little ones to stand on and be able to move around and touch all parts of the Smart Board.  I discussed this with a coworker of mine who was having the same problem with her kindergarteners not being able to reach the board.  Anyway, to make a long story short, her
dad put together these really cool steps.  He purchased a "stair kit"(I don't know if that is the exact name.) from a local hardware store and then added some carpet on top of them. 
They work GREAT!!!  Have a look!

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